architecture, interaction, cognition, sound, theory
Prof. Dr. at Plymouth University, Great Britain

Space Interface
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Emmett’s practice amplifies the interface between alienated environments and the visionary dimensions of psychoactive space. Focusing on themes of estrangement, trauma and intermediary narratives, Emmett blurs the boundaries between sensory environments, 3Dimensional space, art, sound, cognition, technology and critical theory to connect us to a non-ordinary reality.


Architects are highly predisposed to create order and stability, protecting us from chaos. However, in opposition, Emmett creates dissonance.
And in this disjunction, punctures a hole in solidity, causing a splinter to establish a void for paraspace.
Paraspace is Emmett’s architecture of expanded media, super spatial senses, scission experiences and otherworldly chimera.

Architekten haben eine besondere Veranlagung, Ordnung und Stabilität zu schaffen, uns vor dem Chaos zu beschützen. Im Gegensatz hierzu erzeugt Emmett Dissonanz. Und durch diese Disjunktion zerstört er die Stabilität und stellt so eine Verbindung zum Paraspace her. Paraspace ist Emmett's Architektur von ‘expanded media’, super-räumlichen, dreidimensionalen Wahrnehmungen und jenseitigen Chimären.

Architect and artist Mathew Emmett works with site-responsive installation, film, sound and performance to disrupt the original use and perception of buildings. The works reveal multilayered references to the Isenheim Altarpiece and the Apocalypse, addressing both destructive and redemptive themes. Conceived as a neurological bridge, Emmett brings architecture and art together as an immersive nimbus around unstable zones immanent within a host space. And by the introduction of a disturbance or splinter, his projects exploit a new and latent tension previously absent within the site, causing a rupture between its original reality and the new altered consciousness.

A spatial instrument consisting of an interactive harp that responds to human interaction creating sound and movement.

Mathew Emmett + Eberhard Kranemann - founder member of German electronic legends Kraftwerk, propose the use of audiovisual performance to amplify the existential dimension of reality through the modification of the architectural environment to produce an altered, densely atmospheric experiential event. Through a disruptive interplay of electronic sound and film, combined with the layered texture of inherited presence, to compose a shifting architectural experience that questions and subverts the habitual dynamics of an original site.

Experimental space and architecture is defined by the fine art installation video and live electronic soundscape creating an immersive performance environment, that shifts towards a non-solid architecture.

The CHARLES DARWIN performance marked the culmination of the Atlantic Project, the international arts festival, Plymouth UK.
Further Avant Garde Architecture and Experimental Music projects can be found here (Performance for the Opening of the Blavatnik Building Tate, London):