Biographie/ Ausstellungen

VocColours - four free voices

Gala Hummel, Brigitte Küpper, Iouri Grankin, Norbert Zajac

VocColours’ four improvising voice-artists from NRW/Germany have joined to fathom the different possibilities of their manifold voices and to create new musical worlds between harmony and friction, rhythm and chaos, archaic sounds, surprising humor, spontaneous neologisms and expressive or ruminant sound shapes. Again and again their single voices unite into a single sounding body.

The music of VocColours has been described by the audience i.e. as a “musical journey” and as “music to an inner movie”

Since 2011 VocColours have been sharing their musical passion with instrumentalists of their choice to go on musical adventure trips. Thus came into being their live debut CD “ZvuKlang” that was recorded in 2013 in St.Petersburg at a concert with the Russian piano player Alexei Lapin. The CD has been released in the end of 2013 at Leo Records and obtained worldwide positive response. It appeared at upper positions in several international alternative-charts and has been nominated the CD of the month of March 2014 by the Russian jazz Magazin “Jazz-Ru.”

VocColours have been invited to perform at the 35years- of- Leo-Records-festival in the end of 2014. This concert with TJ Shredder has been recorded by “Radio Brandenburg”
A new CD is in work and will again be released at Leo Records. It’s the recording of a concert with Eberhard Kranemann, co-founder of the German band “Kraftwerk”

Performances with Phil Minton, Roland Graeter, Andrei Razin, Alexey Lapin, Christoph Irmer, Mark Charig, “Partikelgestöber” (Gregor Bohnensack, Thomas Schnellen), Eberhard Kranemann and TJ Shredder(Stefan Tiedje).

Concerts with instrumentalists

2011 Phil Minton (voice)
2011 Roland Graeter (cello, voice)
2012 and Moscow 2013 Andrei Razin (piano)
2013 Christoph Irmer (violin)
2014 Mark Charig (cornet)
2014 “Partikelgestöber” (Gregor Bohnensack, brass, voice/Thomas Schnellen, electronics,
2014 Eberhard Kranemann (Doublebass, electronics, voice)
2014 TJ Shredder (electronics, percussion, voice)
2015 Eberhard Kranemann (Doublebass, electronics, voice), Yoichiro Kita (trumpet, electronics)